Attend an informative 2 day learning session on home scale Aquaponics and learn how you can begin growing fresh clean produce at the earliest.

Sessions can be booked at your convenience at a fee of Rs.10,000 per head. Call +91-33-24164342.


Who we are:

Located in Kolkata , India and registered as Blueplanet Urban Agro Services Pvt Ltd – we are Kolkata’s new age urban food gardeners , and we belong to this brave new world of self sustenance because we produce organic fish and vegetables in completely urban surroundings without any dependency on soil availability with limited water consumption. In other words, we practice soil free aquaponics and are proudly taking steps in self sustainability and trying to do more than our bit for the city, our community, our families, ourselves and the planet at large. We belong to an ever growing world wide community of aquapons, people from all walks of life from around the globe all pursuing a common goal of an eco friendly sustainable development effort.

What we do :

Not only do we grow an abundance in our unique roof top garden in south suburban Kolkata, we display our humble research to all interested in experiencing the true wonder of nature in action. We share our knowledge to promote the wonders of aquaponics to all, and aim to empower all who visit and learn with us. We follow a three simple step process to successfull aquaponics in Kolkata , start with a visit to see and be pleasantly surprised, then learn- join us for a learning session, Begin by building or ordering your system from us to begin your wonderful journey into aquaponics and start growing as soon as possible( we stock seeds, seedlings and fish fingerlings as well) . We are a quickly growing community, excited by possibilities that are endless from food exchanges to organic markets there is a strong, honest, healthy buzz about our enthusiasm.

Why we do it:

The reasons are many from wanting to know exactly what is going into our food, to the sheer price we pay compared to what it costs us to grow it cleanly and pick it fresh. The bounty of nature is only real if we understand and use it without depleting it. Aquaponics offers us and those who join this community a chance to do all this and more. From a single balcony unit as small as a couple of feet across to mammoth green houses of abundance ,aquaponic goodness is accessible to all people of all walks of life.

Should you do it: It costs nothing but your time to visit us and learn moreā€¦..
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